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Bothelbows is the alias under which Joe Stratton, former guitarist and vocalist for Not Blood Paint, posts his solo work.


The Summation (2022) Lyrics status: Complete

01. The Summation 02. The Other End of the Funnel 03. Through Veil and Flame (In the Gallery of The 197)

Bothelbows at the Mill (2022) Lyrics status: Complete

01. Where should we begin? 02. you play you win 03. rollerworld Drama 04. 5G chip / natural sound 05. riding on a moth 06. in an unknown place in the distant future 07. space is in the brain

A Wintry Mix Vol. 4: A New Hope (2021) [Contributor] Lyrics status: Incomplete

01. Knees Knock in the Cold

A Wintry Mix Vol. 3: Together, Alone (2020) [Contributor] Lyrics status: Complete

01. Bear Battle of Wolf Crystals, Pt. III