Song Information

Release date: January 18, 2022
Album: Bothelbows at the Mill


5G chip / natural sound

May the best man win
May the best woman kill him
May the coffers all leak
May the tax refill 'em
May the mutts get fleas
May the kittens get bitten
May we lick this disease
May they stick us in prison
I'm not gonna let 'em get on top of me
Treat me like their property
Stick me with a pin and
Try to give me a lobotomy
I'm not gonna lie to 'em
I would rather die and
I'm trying not to hound but
I'm bound to get inside of 'em
Now I'm a 5G chip
Eat me up with some dip
I'm out to steal your thoughts
Eat me up with some brats
I wanna know your name
Alter your DNA
I'll radiate your lips
Eat me up with some dip

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