Song Information

Release date: December 19, 2020
Album: A Wintry Mix Vol. 3: Together, Alone


Bear Battle of Wolf Crystals, Pt. III

Here I lie in wait
You walk in all alone, easy prey
I haven’t eaten in days
I crave that bittersweet taste

Let’s go down where the creek runs out
We’ll hide away until the leaves turn brown

Another hydra head
Get ready for the worst, it’s around the bend
There’s a pack outside on the hunt for us
Howling out in the night with a clear-cut bloodlust

Think back to times of peace
Was it safe to play? Was it easy to eat?
Was the air outside still sweet to breathe?
Now you’re locked up, too terrified to sleep

Keep quiet, and be still
Stay clean, or be killed
These are well-oiled stealth machines with an axe to grind
If you’re humankind, you better scrub ‘til you don’t stink

Where were you when the battles raged?
Were you feeling fine about the state of things?
Drinking blood-red wine outside the cage
Now you wonder when you’ll ever get a chance to change

(Let’s go down where the…)

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