Song Information

Release date: January 18, 2022
Album: Bothelbows at the Mill


space is in the brain

Where am I going?
Where am I going?
Well I think there's space inside your own body
And it's in your own mind
And then there's
Space is
Space starts
Yeah space starts in your own
I think
Yeah space is in your own
In your own mind
And then it's space around you like immediate near you
And then it goes from there
Space is endless but it starts in your own brain
Space is in the brain
Pouring down the drain
Filling all the lanes up on the freeway
Inside the pilot light
Holding out the night
Wider than the sky beyond the ceiling
How much can you save?
Hide it in the grave
In the center of the maze to keep the feeling
Where should we begin
When the walls are closing in?
Maybe if I scream then you'll believe me
It changed my life
That natural sound
It hasn't been a necessarily positive influence on my life but
That natural sound
Everything else
Everything else is so
Not real
So synthetic
You can see right through it
You can hear right through it
We all want something real right?

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