Some pages are fucked up right now due to me editing a lot of CSS. I'm working on it!


Working on a really big update for this website! It'll be a while before it's ready enough to publish, but I'm making steady progress. >:)


Finally finished my new layout enough to post it here!! :D


Book review of Leech by Hiron Ennes
Updated blog layout


Happy new year! Todays changes:

  1. A new header, made by me!
  2. An art prompt generator, refurbished from one I coded in Java a few years ago.
  3. Improved look to the home page (again).

There's more updates on the way, too!


Working on various site things, but it'll be a bit before they're ready to be added to the site.


Completed the shinies section of the Pokemon Center!


Updated the Pokemon Center's layout! It's not finished yet, but I'm making good progress. :D


Added a Vocaloid section to my blog! I will share songs and my thoughts on them here.
Updated the Vocaloid section's theme, looks cooler now.


Added lyrics for every song in BED MUSIC and Pure Electron
Added lyrics for "People of the Rock"


Updated the NBP Repository's theme, and cleaned up the code.


Cleaned up some of the site's code, and implemented some javascript!


Archived more of my dream journal.
Added a Pokemon section! Still a big WIP.


Many changes!

  1. Site should now display properly at most common PC resolutions!
  2. Slight layout changes to homepage, and new themes for the "about" and "blog" pages.
  3. Many pages may look janky right now—I'm updating one at a time.
  4. Might make a buttons page to share my mutuals and websites that have inspired me.


Added lyrics for "Watch Your Mouth"
Added a personal blog and dream diary. Archiving my dream diary is ongoing.


Added lyrics for "Tommy" and "Shooter" and cleaned up the site's code.
Need to fix some small inconsistencies across the site.


Added Not Blood Paint's discography to the repository.
Added official lyrics for Believing is Believing and Time To Deliver. All other lyrics will be unofficial and added over time. Also, I added a home button in the repository. You're no longer trapped there forever upon entry. Hooray!
Coming soon: A repository extension, which will include Joe Stratton's solo work.


Added an about page, and improved the layout of the site.
The site is currently giving "graphic design is my passion," but I'll fix that later.


Created my site!