Song Information

Release date: March 1, 2013
Album: Calm Down


Family First

Your family could treat me like a rug
I wouldn’t scream
I would be seen but never thought of

I’d lie on my face while they dug heels into my spine
I wouldn’t fight, I wouldn’t gripe
I’d take it in stride

No cat claws or mud could bring me down
I’d be at peace
Right where I wanna be

Then, useful at last, I could put aside my past
and spend my days in service of their home
And as the family grew, I’d become a member, too
I’d help to keep the surface clean, you’d sweep your secrets under me

(So nice and relaxing, not gaudy or distracting
I'd make the home better, I'd tie the room together.
Much more than a doormat, I would define the floor
and maybe you could sweep your secrets under me)

Your family could treat me like a rug
I would stay flat
I’d never go back to who I once was

I would be happy if they beat me once a month
If that was too much
I wouldn’t push, I’d revel in dust

And all this just to see you every day
I’d be serene, wouldn’t need anything

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