Song Information

Release date: July 3, 2009
Album: Pure Electron


Lightbulb Blind

Come with me you can't do wrong
I promise you we'll get along
We'll hypnotize a cross between
a jughead and a frisbee fiend
Your mouth locks up, well it's ok
we won't need words anyway
We'll knock the opposition down
then hide out in the lost and found

Didn't your mother tell you behave?
You're not exactly doing what you should
Are you gonna go to your grave
before you've even done one thing good?

Your shoes untie, your spool unwinds
you think you're gonna lose your mind
A girl walks in with a shitty grin
and both her eyes are dollar signs
Her lungs collapse, don't worry yet
It's not half as bad as it's gonna get
The blackmail paid at great expense
You've lived in secret ever since

Are you gonna do what you like
without a thought as to the consequence?
Who knows, maybe you're right
Go on and build yourself a monument

I'm so bored with myself
Here comes the boot to stomp my face
Lightbulb blind me
I don't wanna see this place
(why don't you want to?)

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