An image of the members of Not Blood Paint

"Not Blood Paint is a theatrically vivid—and sonically intense—four-piece from Bushwick, formed in 2008 by guitarists George Frye and Joe Stratton, bassist Mark Jaynes and drummer Seth Miller.

Musically, it’s a group impossible to pigeonhole, far removed from traditional verse-chorus-verse structures. The songs manifest as detailed stories that worm into the minds of always-shifting narrators."

- Bandcamp

A Note on the Lyrics

The only albums with official lyrics are Believing is Believing, Time to Deliver, and Pure Electron. Official lyrics for the other albums do not exist—I recently emailed Joe Stratton asking about this, and he told me that official lyrics were likely never written down for any of these songs. Because of this, the lyrics for these songs are unofficial—I am transcribing them myself, as accurately as possible. If you have any suggestions for changes to these lyrics, do let me know!

If, somehow, this page is found by any members of Not Blood Paint, I would be overjoyed if you're able to share official lyrics for any of these songs. Also, if you'd like me to take this page down for whatever reason, just let me know. This page is just meant to be a place for me to share this music with others, because Not Blood Paint is my second favorite band of all time (second only to Muse, who I don't think could ever be topped by anyone), and I want more people to know of their music because they are criminally underrated.

Like I said, I emailed Joe Stratton recently, and not even he has official lyrics for any of these songs. He did, however, tell me that if he ever has time, he might try to write down the lyrics for a song or two if he can remember them. If he does, I'll share them here, and I'll update this post with which songs he wrote lyrics for. None of the other members seem to have a public online presence, and I've no intention of being weird or invasive, so I will not be asking them about this.

Also, for anyone who's wondering, Not Blood Paint is no longer active. I don't know if they ever formally spoke of disbanding, but Joe Stratton has said that he's a member of this band "in the past," so ... :(