Song Information

Release date: June 17, 2016
Album: Believing is Believing



There’s water in the room
The power’s cutting, too
It’s all over the news
But I don’t wanna move

They say they gotta close the schools
They say there’s nothing we can do
But grab the bags and ladders

Cuz maybe there’s a neighbor there who needs me
How can I just stay home
And leave ‘em out in the cold?

There’s water bleeding in the streets
There’s people dying over heat
Poseidon’s not the problem

So, what if I could save a life?
Or maybe take a step outside
Cuz I don’t wanna live a lie
It’s impossible to justify because I’m always
Saying that I would be there

If ever there was a neighbor
There who needed me
How could I just stay home
And leave ‘em out in the cold?

Say you wanna help out
Say you wanna go down to ocean side
Where the pumps are failing

Say you wanna break out
Say you wanna break down
Dark was the night when the lights stayed faded

Say you want more time
Say you want another try to put it on the line
When it ain’t your chips in

Say you wanna give up
Say you wanna start over
Well now’s not the time
The flood is at your doorstep

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