Song Information

Release date: June 17, 2016
Album: Believing is Believing


Play Nice

While you've prayed to become who you want to be
I have stayed exactly where you wanted me
Spinning plates, staring into space to see
if just by waiting you'd fulfill your destiny

But now it's clear you've waited too long
You blame me for everything that's gone wrong
I can't move, I'm glued to my seat
You can't do anything but berate me

I'll sit tight, you figure out what you should do
I'll remain obediently next to you
though I can tell you're always planning your escape
Now and then I think about the sacrifices I have made

When I'm old I'll put my shame to rest,
take pride that I supported you in sickness and in debt
Hang me in your mobile, cauterize my wounds
with lips who'll never taste the wine of gods
this time around

Contract singed, the wheels are in motion
Fate's gone blind, the gates have blown open
Feed me dirt, try to fill in the hole
Take my name and engrave it in with a dull blade

Play nice or don't play with me
Feels good to be the bully
Hard sell and harder kissin
Can't tell the piece is missin Play nice

As I live and breathe, moths swarm around me
Can I pack and go, or am I now their king?
You never know
You never know with you
What would I do if you were to die?

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