Song Information

Release date: July 3, 2009
Album: Pure Electron


Poor Nicholas

You've convinced me somehow
somehow against my will
that I'd be better off if only I would take the pill
and plunge down with you
to where you make your fictions
and your little buddies hide out
and nurse on your addictions
think of new ways to deceive us
Only now I'll be in on the joke

I can't discover why you're cruel
why you always lead me on
to the point I can't go on
though you promise me relief
You give a look of sympathy
even offer up a body
but walk over me and leave
for days or weeks at a time
to keep me thinking of you
or to contemplate your next crime
which will leave me feeling helpless
but above all more involved with
something I still can't understand

I've been patient long enough
and I want some answers now
How can you keep saying it's for my good?
Count me out

There must be something I can do
must be some way to break free
because the game is killing me
I can see that you're amused
but I can't take much more abuse
and you will always sow the doubt
that I'll be happy when I'm out
I'm at the door, you're already gone.

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