Song Information

Release date: February 25, 2014
Album: Time To Deliver



Take a second to take a second guess
cuz every enemy of mine has always been a pessimist
Quttin' isn't in my dictionary, my definition of a sissy is
he who doesn't rub it in when he wins

It'll titillate you when I look you in the eye
give a funny little feeling and you wanna try
It's a serious side-split, ticklish, hilarious, thin fabric
so go ahead and get ripped in two

I need you
to buy my excuse
"It is what it is"

He's promiscuous, he keeps a list
of every conquest, bed post notches
He's a feminist, quick to submit
Suspends judgement, takes whatever he can get

Why does it bother you when I talk about the war?
Do you throw a fit because it's in your backyard?
It's a tragic twist on the classic cataclysm, a rift
in the pretty continuum of sophisticated conflict.

Why would you take the side of a guy who puts his chips on the villain to win?
You're giving in, giving out ammunition to the kids
and the weapon is a deadly dose of bliss
That's ignorance with arrogance, no common sense,
the epitome of pitiful, it's the fact that you go for his argument
which smacks of a lack of self-respect

And you, you've got a whole lot to prove
You sit and watch his every move
Yeah all this time I'm impressed

He's dangerous, quick with a fist
Takes every opportunity to take a risk
Talks with a lisp, walks with a limp
When he isn't starting fires he's off starting shit.

We've got your name in a database
You're under surveillance
Never leave a trace

You should listen to me when it comes to foreign policy
I'm a walking wikileak ready to scream
I got some bad beef, I'm packing heat
under the collar I'm volatile and rising to a high degree

You should listen to me, expert in endocrinology
Swimming in your bloodstream, making it steam
I got a mean streak, I'm packing heat
under the great wide open wait and see

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