Song Information

Release date: June 17, 2016
Album: Believing is Believing


Take Another Chance

I wanna take another chance on…

I’ve been away and taken time now
I don’t wanna play
I wanna mean it

I know we’re bursting at the seams and wanna make it out
Nothing like a new belief
And baby I believe it
Oh yes

I wanna take another chance on…

I still recall the day when we looked around at all that’s left to save
And thought we ought to do it

I wanna see you
I wanna know your voice
I don’t want to say your name
I wanna scream it

I wanna take another chance on love
Cuz there’s not enough
You’ve been stoking the coals up where there were none

You’re like acetylene without a helmet on
A brighter light than you I’ve yet to see
So keep it beaming

When the darker days inevitably come to pass
We’ll comfort one another through the haze
Cuz this kind of stuff’s gotta be visionary

I wanna take another chance on love
There’s not enough
You blindsided the opposite from above
So keep flipping me over
Alone we cannot hold each other up without a crutch
So extend to me your hand
Baby, brush off my knees
We’ll walk through the mist and these insecurities

Even if breathing it
Burns in your chest
It’s better than passing out
Holding your breath ---

I want to take a chance
You want to, too

I’m gonna take another chance on love
And this is the right time for it
So you keep raising the angels up
And I’ll try keeping the devil down

Baby, lets set it up and grow
New side effects of true devotion
Make room to bloom in heart
and learn to tap the flow

I know you want to, too

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