Song Information

Release date: March 1, 2013
Album: Calm Down


Taking Root

Growing up out of the ground
No plant like we’ve ever seen
Eyed with distrust and disbelief

Thirty circles around the sun
We’re no better off than we’ve ever been
Make no mistake, they’re creeping in

Germinated in an environment of artificial light
Denied a natural life, less than ideal in which to thrive
But I’m alive and I’m kicking

Once a seed is smuggled out, we’re quick to spread ourselves around
And pullulate despite the pile of blighted flesh design under the sides
But their target is wrong

Because we ‘weeds’ are not weeds at all
We ‘weeds’ are not weeds at all

Once I’m back inside I am a threat to you
Shredding your beliefs
I can use my leaves to pray on your knees and repent

Shouldn’t my attempt at English be enough for you?
Won’t erase me, but I can hate you just the same
Let us fall where we may

(These rights for us
These rights, breathe dust
We must not fail
We will breathe)

Dust, drought, smog, rot
Landfills and parking lots
And huge drums of spilled oil
Reaching out for blacker soil

And we will not be sidelined
Be silenced, kept behind a fence
Now, ready, run, pull it, fly
You cannot deny our right to grow

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