My starter choices:

Generation 1:

I love each Kanto starter (and I firmly believe that Wartortle is the best mid-stage starter evolution ever), but Bulbasaur holds a special place in my heart. He's my ride or die.

Generation 2:

I adore the Johto starters. For years, Chikorita was my top choice, but I've recently come to love Cyndaquil much more than I used to. Chikorita is still a close second, though, and she forever holds a special place in my heart.

Generation 3:

I'm not a fan of the other starters. Grovyle is good, but I don't like Sceptile, and I am completely neutral to Torchic's line. Mudkip, however, is a wholly fantastic starter.

Generation 4:

Another generation where I love every starter! Piplup wins, but that's largely because she is the starter I chose the first time I played Pearl.

Generation 5:

I love Tepig, but I don't like his evolutions. Oshawott and Dewott are some of the best Pokemon ever, but Samurott is just fine. I love Snivy's entire line, so although Oshawott is a close second, Snivy just barely beats him.

Generation 6:

I strongly dislike Chespin's evolutions. I used to dislike Froakie's line, but Greninja has grown on me in recent years. While I'm not crazy about Fenneki, I still really like him, and he's my go-to in gen 6.

Generation 7:

I've never liked Incineroar. I've tried to! He's so popular, but I personally can't see the appeal. I adore the other starters, though. Rowlet is my top choice, but Popplio is a very close second. I alternate between those two whenever I replay gen 7.

Generation 8:

I have no strong feelings on any of these starters. I think Inteleon is a cool concept with poor execution, but I love Drizzile. I think the idea of a starter having an emo phase is so funny. I think Scorbunny is the best first-stage starter of the three, but Sobble ultimately gets my pick.

Generation 9:

I know Sprigatito is the popular choice, but I literally do not care at all. She is perfect. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love cats. I'm ride or die for Sprigatito and I have 400 of them in my boxes in Scarlet.