Bozoloid: Origins

I've been involved in the Vocaloid community for almost a decade now, since 2013—though I've known about Vocaloid since about 2011. Early on, I was primarily a fan of the music, and enjoyed a lot of the songs from that era. But, in late 2015, I received the V4 editor as well as Gumi English for Christmas. From that point on, I was primarily a producer, and while I was more involved in the community than ever before, I hardly listened to new songs from anyone outside my circle of friends and mutuals. Because of this, I am horribly out of touch with the Vocaloid community, and I know almost nothing about any songs or producers from after 2015.

I still produce music, but over the past year I've completely disengaged from that side of the community. Now, I want to discover all the music I've missed. I will be documenting that journey here, sharing songs I find and my thoughts on them. I'll probably share my thoughts on songs I already know, too, if I feel like it. Hopefully this page will serve as a way for others to discover Vocaloid songs, too! If you have any recommendations for songs or producers I should check out, do let me know.

Also, fair warning, I am really not good at explaining why I like certain songs. Hopefully this project will help me get better with time!

Video of the week:

"WAVE" by niki