Pokémon, baby!

Pokémon has been my special interest for nearly my entire life—I've loved this franchise for as long as I can remember. I've had brief periods where my interest in Pokémon faded a bit, but it has never fully gone away, and it's returned in full force in the past few years. Considering that this franchise has been deeply important to me for my entire remembered life, it's no surprise that this is the franchise that is most important to me.

My first game console was the Nintendo DS Lite, which I got as a Christmas gift in 2011, but I spent years before that point wishing I could play a Pokémon game. I vividly remember seeing the HeartGold and SoulSilver commercial with the Sprouse brothers, and I wanted to play those games so bad. I got SoulSilver with my DS in 2011—it was my first Pokémon game!

I'm not super into competitive battling, but I occasionally build teams on Showdown for fun. I have done a lot of shiny hunting, though!

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